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Secure way to control Arduino devices from anywhere in Arduino Control Center(Part III)

For free SSL Certificates, which will enable Arduino Control Center a secure HTTPS connection, we will use a service called SSL for FREE . If you have read the previous post, you already know that is not possible to issue an SSL certificate with an IP address, it has to be used hostname like any other web page you're visiting every day. In order to create a hostname, in this article, I will use No-IP free Dynamic DNS service.  It has a few limitations in the free version - only 3 hostnames and every 30 days hostnames have to be confirmed that you are still using them. It can be easily upgraded if you find this annoying and you will use more than three hostnames... After registration, you can create a hostname in the administration dashboard. Click on Create Hostname Select whatever hostname you want and domain and click on Create Hostname: For this demonstration and for the next topic where we finally will be connected to the Arduino Control Center web server o