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SeeedStudio Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino with Arduino Control Center

Today I have received " SeeedStudio Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino ", a very nice piece of hardware for introducing new Arduino users into the Arduino programming world. Like any other serious hardware manufacturer, SeeedStudio has its own Arduino compatible libraries for supporting this Arduino kit. All documentation, libraries, and examples you can find on this link , including step-by-step instructions. But that won't be a subject of this topic. There is no need to explain something which is already very well documented. I will focus here on how this beginner-development kit can be programmed and visualized with Arduino Control Center. As soon as I connected Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino with included USB micro cable to my Windows PC, Seeeduino Lotus(ATMega328p chip), which is basically Arduino Uno - Nano compatible board, started to boot up and included demo in firmware start running. I didn't pay attention to this because I wanted to test the board with