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Android REST SMS Gateway and Arduino Control Center

It sounds awkward? In short, REST SMS Gateway allows changing your phone into a powerful SMS Gateway which you can control from the Arduino Control Center desktop application for sending alarm SMS messages. For testing purposes, I've installed on my smartphone an Android application called very intuitively - REST SMS Gateway :). I got this app from my friend, but you can download it from Android APK(install packages) download sites. This, and many other applications with similar purposes, are not available on the Google Play store anymore due to the Google Play Developer Policy which restricts SMS , CALL_LOG access only to default phone applications. After downloading and installing the APK Android package for the  REST SMS Gateway application, you will get this window: NOTICE: your phone MUST be connected in LAN (local, home network over wireless connection!!!) Otherwise, this will not work. After pressing the Start button, the window below will show up. But, the app

FAQ - frequently asked questions

- What do I need in order to start programming Arduino boards(Nano, Uno, Mega) with Arduino Control Center, except Arduino boards? Do I need a license for the program? To start, you don't need a license. You can use the demo version until you get familiar with software logic and your project requirements. The project created in the demo version will be fully functional in the registered version. - What is the easiest way for the first time to start with Arduino board configuration? The easiest way for the first time is to upload firmware without support for ethernet shields(their names begin with MEGA_SERIAL_ONLY, UNO_NANO_SERIAL_ONLY) in order to get familiar with Arduino Control Center programming logic. Later on, you can attach ethernet shields, Update firmware for that type of shield, and set up parameters for connection to the network. - I am using Windows OS, the Arduino board is connected over USB to the PC. How can I communicate in Arduino Control Center with a conne

Google Chrome Lite mode and Arduino Control Center

Google Chrome Lite mode is a way to speed up HTTP sites on slow connections. This mode is now only available on Chrome for Android. Important note is that Arduino Control Center web interface http pages NOT WORKING in this mode! HTTPS pages will load normally, since this traffic is not redirected to google servers. In order to enable Arduino Control Center web interface http traffic, there is a couple workarounds: 1. Turn off Lite mode on your Android phone. 2. Open Arduino Control Center web page in incognito mode Or, use https Arduino Control Center web pages only.