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Arduino Sensors Kit by Seeed Studio

  About 8 months ago, I've received, and write a review, about Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino. Recently I've received an Arduino Sensors Kit from the same company, Seeed Studio.  At first sight, there is not much difference between the two of them, but there are differences.  1. First, this kit is designed as a standard Arduino shield, which means that this piece of hardware comes without  Seeeduino Lotus(ATMega328p chip), with a bit greater price (23USD vs 20USD).  At first, you may think that is a bad deal, but it is not.  Any Arduino developer, either beginner or not, before diving into Arduino word, order for yourself many Arduino Uno boards, either original from the official Arduino store or from many online stores with dozen quality clones manufactured by many companies all around the world. Arduino Sensors Kit as shield gives you much more flexibility in order to test integrated sensors with Arduino Uno boards you already have in your stocks, and if something is not work