Secure way to control Arduino devices from anywhere in Arduino Control Center(Part IV)

In previous posts, we have created  domain name, and you are able to login to Arduino Control Center HTTP server(a not secure connection, please read all previous posts).
Now, go to SSL For FREE web site, type your domain name(in this case, you type your domain name) and start creating SSL certificates for the secure HTTPS connection.

Type domain name

Next step is validate certificates manually:

Manual verification
Download verification files into already existed folder - web\.well-known\acme-challenge.

Downloaded verification file
Downloaded file in folder

Verify downloaded file:

Download certificates:

Download SSL certificates
Unpack downloaded file with certificates

Copy unpacked certificates into "cert" folder

Load certificate.crt into Arduino Control Center web server

Load private.key into Arduino Control Center web server

STOP web server

START web server

This should appear if everything is OK

HTTPS Arduino Control Center login web page

Certificate preview and expiration date

Arduino Control Center web page, secure and happy :)

This free certificate has to be renewed every three months, simply by repeating all steps. With strong login password and HTTPS certificates up-to-date, you can be sure that no one can play with your home heating system or any other Arduino device managed with Arduino Control Center


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